I'm Kathy, the founder of The Boudoir Book. I've been a professional photographer since 2003, taking photos of people from all walks of life - from the seasoned celebrity through to new born babies. I'm passionate about my work, about making people feel better about themselves and about producing the highest quality work possible coupled with the best in customer service.

How it all started ...

In 2004 one of my brides asked me to create a sexy yet tasteful portfolio of pictures for her husband-to-be. After that things snowballed, and The Boudoir Book was showcased in several magazines and newspapers, including The Liverpool Echo, Space Magazine, At Home with Gok Wan and more.

Why The Boudoir Book doesn't have a specific "house style"

Although we are really consistent when it comes to quality and service, the one area where we don't want to be restricted is our creativity. We avoid working to formulas and are always open to new ideas and flashes of creative inspiration. We are expert in many different lighting techniques and combined with whatever persona you choose to portray, you'll have a unique set of shots, rather than having a "style" imposed on you.

My personal influences include the great Hollywood photographers and the stars of yesteryear. The photographers back then really knew how to make a woman look incredible, and with today's digital imaging techniques we can now do the same for any woman. Good photography, combined with careful lighting and posing (and perhaps a little airbrushing!) will bring out the best in anyone, regardless of age, shape and size.

All of the women featured on this website are real women, not models. Their ages range from late teens to early sixties and none of them have any previous modelling experience.